PR New Year’s Resolutions – Sunday Coffee Contemplations

Happy New Year! It’s time for the obligatory New Year’s resolutions, which as one cartoon I spotted briefly last night and now can’t find, explained as a set of guidelines for the first week of January. I’m starting 2012 with a little more willpower than that, I hope.

So to play my part in this collective exercise, here are my PR resolutions for 2012:

  • I will stop using the words “marketing” or “markets” to describe what public relations does – it is a major contribution to the perpetual confusion surrounding PR in the business world.
  • I will point out professional misbehavior wherever and whenever I find it – it is only by holding ourselves to high professional standards that we, and our profession, will begin to gain the respect we deserve.
  • I correct misrepresentation of my profession when I encounter it, whether it be by journalists or members of the general public.
  • To repay the advice and assistance I received early in my career from veteran colleagues, I will mentor college students and young professionals, as they are the future of our profession.
  • I will educate non-PR business executives of the purpose and role of PR as a distinct business discipline, emphasizing the value of mid-career and senior-level professionals as strategic counselors at the highest levels of business.

What are your PR New Year’s resolutions?

– Debra


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