Staples Stepping Over the Privacy Line?

Yesterday, I visited to check the price of an item before heading over to my local store. Today, I received this in my email:

I understand the need for cookies to allow pages to load faster – I get it, I truly do. But I was on a brand new computer that I’d never used to go to I didn’t sign in, I didn’t place anything in a shopping cart, nothing. PLUS, I use a completely different email address for rewards programs, to keep ads and promo emails under control. Yet Staples tracked me back to my email, I assume through my IP address.

Staples is obviously aware that this is a potential issue. When I unsubscribed from receiving emails from them, I was presented with a screen asking my why I was unsubscribing. Take a look at choice #6: “Staples emails are too relevant (feel watched).

Is this stepping over the privacy line to the point of irritating customers? Does it make you “feel watched?” I know it did me.

Your thoughts?






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    • Matt D'Agostino on October 18, 2012 at 10:17 pm
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    Yeah, I just saw that too. After they bombarded me with emails, claiming that I had just purchased several flash drives, which I did not (as reflected in my online receipt archive) I decided to unsubscribe. When i saw that Choice #6, it made me a little nervous. They clearly have had a common problem with it. Then I Googled it, hence why I am here.

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