AMEC’s PR Measurement Week in New York a Rare Opportunity

The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) is joining with PR heavyweights Cision and Vocus to staging Measurement Week in New York September 15th to 19th, with the goal of Monitoring cyclebridging the gap between understanding the value of PR measurement and actual practice. The event will feature more than 16 speakers who are experts in measurement and analytics across PR and communications, representing industries such as media, higher education, healthcare, technology and more. It’s featuring some of the biggest names in PR measurement, including Heidi Sullivan, Shonali Burke, Allyson Hugley, Mark Schaeffer, Chris Penn, and many others.

The need for PR measurement is something I’ve harped on for years, and I am insanely envious that I can’t attend this event, falling as it does right at the middle of the college term. Especially since it’s FREE – and if you’ve ever paid to attend some of the other premier PR events, you can appreciate what it means to have access to a whole week’s worth of these presentations.

This major event has the potential to be a positive development for the PR profession, IF….

  • If people in this profession take advantage of this opportunity to hear firsthand from the biggest names in the field of PR measurement.
  • If those who attend start insisting on the use of valid measurement tools, and ditch such misleading pseudo tools as advertising value equivalency.
  • If PR people wake up and realize that measurement, research and evaluation is NOT optional anymore.
  • If those who organized this event remember that not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars in fees for the big PR vendors, and incorporate practical measurement tools for the lower budget programs.

My one concern about this event is that AMEC is an organization made up of the heavy hitters in the profession, and I doubt that measurement will really take hold until we sell it at the grass roots level – with smaller organizations, individual practitioners, and at the collegiate level, with academics and adjunct faculty taking at least a share of the lead on this issue. But this is a good opportunity, and I encourage you to take advantage of it if you can. IF you get to go, come back and let us know how it goes. I’m hoping for a repeat next summer (hint, hint) in Chicago.

Registration is required and is now open at Cision’s website.



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