Sunday Coffee Contemplations: Election Commercials Killed Creativity

Image of businessman hand holding election symbol with number 2016

Brace yourself: it’s election season, and advertisers are beginning to demonstrate an absolute lack of imagination by trotting out election-themed commercials, led by Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken. As if the real politicians aren’t off-putting enough, we’re now forced to endure fake election debates over the merits of food that many of us don’t eat at all. Why?

Creativity, where on earth have you gone? Why did you leave us in a commercial land littered with creepy mascots, pharmaceutical commercials for conditions normally not discussed outside of bathrooms or doctors’ exam rooms (opiod constipation, anyone?), and spots that run so frequently they can forever ruin even the best song. I always cringe when I hear a favorite song being used for a commercial, and I go into instant avoidance mode. When Pharrell’s “Happy” was the hot hit of the day, I refused to listen to it for weeks. Every time I heard the opening notes, I either changed the channel or muted the TV. Not what the advertisers had in mind, I’m sure. Now it appears to be Comcast’s turn. Not even their nod to the obnoxiousness of their X1 Entertainment Operating System commercials can save it. It’s enough to send me fleeing to online streaming services.

The online world has its own commercial problems, with ads that persist in popping up and refuse to obey the desperate clicking on the X button in whatever distant corner it’s hiding in. Would that we could do the same with these election-themed commercials.


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