Guilty Pleasures

Some random thoughts on a Sunday morning: I’m sitting here, wondering how many more steps am I going to have to take to offset the fact that I indulged in a childhood craving for blueberry PopTarts™ this morning, which started me thinking about guilty pleasures – you know, those things we know we shouldn’t do, but do anyway “just this once?” Then we feel the requisite guilt and promise ourselves “never again,” except that in the case of my blueberry PopTarts, since they come in packages of four, there will be more dietary sins to come, necessitating extra exercise. But then I started thinking about my love of writing – when did that become a guilty pleasure? When did I start putting something so central to who I am to one side, to be indulged in only in quick, stolen moments from the endless days?This blog, begun with such enthusiasm and hope, has had only two posts since last November. The daily demands of PR work, teaching, caregiving, all of it conspired to steal my first love: writing. The sound of words, the rasp of the syllables as they slide across your mind, the endless shades of meaning as you debate between choices, these used to bring joy to my heart. But not lately, and not for long. Till now.

For the past year or so, I’ve been experiencing the obligatory midlife crisis. I haven’t gone out and bought the stereotypical sportscar – my taste runs to pickup truck and SUVs big enough to pull a camper – but I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about a lot of things lately: the fact that I’ve lived more than half my likely lifespan, what I’ve accomplished – or not – so far in my life, and what I want the time remaining to look like. And I’ve decided I want me back – and that means writing.

Writing is therapy, vacation, work and faith, all at once. When I write, I’m no longer sitting in my chair, ignoring the fact that the floor needs sweeping and there’s dishes in the sink and dogs begging for treats. Writing is like a good massage: just enough pain to let you know knots and abused muscles are being treated, and soothing enough to make you not care.

I want to get outside more as well, to see the world around me. So I’m going to combine the two, and start writing about camping, with the launch of, a blog about all things camping, in the next week or so. I would give you a specific date, but the weather promises to be glorious, so I’m going kayaking as often as I can in the next few days – it’ll be my first post on the new blog, I promise! I’m going to keep writing this blog on Sundays, except for those summer days when I’m out with my husband, my dogs and my camper.

See you next Sunday!


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